Notte Feroce
They are here,
Their presence is everything,
Their eyes can shoot you dead,
They tread with confidence,
With no fear,
They are the shadows,
That stalk the night,
~They are Notte Feroce~
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Notte Feroce

A pack of renegade wolves prowling their territory during the night, just watching.. listening.. waiting to attack.
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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:47 pm


1. While RP is occuring, you must address the Nyx's Consort formally:

Females: M'lady, Lady, Madam, Ma'am
Males: Sir, Lord
OR you may call them by their ranking. {Emperor/Empress, Baron/Baroness, Duke/Dutchess}

2. No godmodding, powerplaying, auto-hitting, etc. We understand if you make a mistake sometimes, but do try to catch yourself.

3. Be kind to others and do not hog the RP. No whining or over dramatic roleplaying about some stupid incident. [Ex: You fell in the river and can't get out or you are stuck in a tree.] Let everyone have some time to be themselves and adapt.

4. Top and sub-high
ranks are to be obeyed. No questions. If you are defiant, punishments will be enforced, and you will be beaten or exiled depending on the reason.

5. You MUST be literate while RPing. No questions.

6. The Emperors' word is law. Top/Sub-High ranks are to be obeyed. No questions. If you are defiant, punishments will be enforced

7. Spars are a way to train; also, a way to rank up. Never for killing. Spars may ONLY happen if a member of Top or Sub-High tier is online. They must monitor the spar.

8. . For rank ups, there is a spar. If they lose, they stay their rank.

9. Be as bloody as you can with a spar without killing your opponent.

10. Basic ranks spar with Top or Sub-High of their chosen rank to rank up. [ONLY if they win.]

11. Attack anything that crosses within our border's at the command of a higher rank. [If they're literate]

12. The pack is only allowed to leave the territory with permission from Middle Tiers and up.

13. Eating order is the same as any wolf pack. [Top tier, Sub-High Tier, Middle Tier, Basic Tier, Low Tier, Bottom Tier.]

14. Emperors will punish by biting the neck of the pack member and demoting them.

15. Disobey, betray, or being rude will get you exiled and/or killed.


1. Maintain some formality for high rankings. Call them:

Females: Lady -name- or by their name if they let you.
Males: Lord or Sir -name- or by their name if they let you.

2. SRA. [Same rule apples from IC.]

3. Have fun and be goofy.

4. High ranks won't be as harsh OOC, but they are still to be respected.

5. People are allowed to be semi-literate ONLY OOC.

6. SRA

7. No spars OOC

8. Again, no spars or ranking up OOC, unless asked by a Top Tier.

9. Be bloody all the time. We're vicious Night Warriors.

10. No spars OOC.

11. Obey Top Tier's commands at all times.

12. SRA

13. We eat how we want OOC. Eat cupcakes for all I care.

14. No punishments OOC unless it's necessary.

15. SRA

Aging Process

1 month = 4 months

2 months = 8 months

3 months = 1 year

Everyone MUST follow this aging process.

Follow these rules and you'll be perfectly fine.
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Basic Rules
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