Notte Feroce
They are here,
Their presence is everything,
Their eyes can shoot you dead,
They tread with confidence,
With no fear,
They are the shadows,
That stalk the night,
~They are Notte Feroce~
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Notte Feroce

A pack of renegade wolves prowling their territory during the night, just watching.. listening.. waiting to attack.
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 Recruits- Nyx's Initiation

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PostSubject: Recruits- Nyx's Initiation   Sun May 26, 2013 5:33 pm

Every wolf that joins Notte Feroce will start off as a recruit and stay that way for two real days. These recruits must help advertise, listen to the members of the pack, stay active, and obey whatever orders are given to them. If they prove they can do these tasks, they will be rewarded with a Low Rank [Picked from the ranks list].

But, they have to go through an initiation first. This is called Nyx's Initiation. During this initiation, you are to go out alone and catch some sort of prey. [ Not a mouse or rabbit. ] When you bring it back, you must cover your face in the animal's blood, take a tooth from the animals mouth, and stand in the center of camp.

After you accomplish this, the members of the pack are free to attack you and try to retrieve the tooth you took. There will be no more than 3 attackers, but you may fight back. A Higher will call time, and at the end of that time if you still have the tooth, you will rank up.

This proves you to be a loyal and honorable member of Notte Feroce. You keep the tooth that you protected during this process for the rest of your life somewhere on your body; it can be tied around your tail, leg, ear, neck, wherever.

After this, you will be accepted as a Night Warrior of Notte Feroce.

[This is only for RECRUITS. Not if you wish to rank up from your current rank.]
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Recruits- Nyx's Initiation
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