Notte Feroce
They are here,
Their presence is everything,
Their eyes can shoot you dead,
They tread with confidence,
With no fear,
They are the shadows,
That stalk the night,
~They are Notte Feroce~
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Notte Feroce

A pack of renegade wolves prowling their territory during the night, just watching.. listening.. waiting to attack.
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 Mass Markings 3 & Items

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PostSubject: Mass Markings 3 & Items   Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:13 pm

Well, since some of you don't have it, I thought I would provide the links for ya. 

MassMarkings3 [Aug22] : download/g1sgdb8j2z6egpc/

Items: download/1q444frx0777upm/
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Mass Markings 3 & Items
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